And so it begins…

I’ve been thinking of delving into the infinite blog abyss for a while now, not really knowing where I would fit in, what my focus would be, or what I would have to offer, but sometimes in life, you have to take the advice of a major athletic shoe manufacturer, and “Just Do It”.  Well, done.  So, here it is.  A mish-mash of everything that inspires me creatively, in the kitchen, and at the sewing machine, ideas that make me want to do better and be better, and anything fantastic I may steal find from other blogs to share with you.  And by “you” I mean no one in particular at this point, since as of now, no one knows about this here blog. 

So, with the hopes that I find some readers, I leave you with a kick-ass recipe for Vegan Nutella.  One reason I’ve found to not be totally vegan (one of many) I’m embarrassed to report, is Nutella.  You can have the meat and the milk, but the creamy chocolate hazelnut goodness that is Nutella?  Nope.  No way, Jose.  In fact, I have a jar in my cabinet right now, which, from the looks of this recipe, will be the last I ever purchase.  I have yet to make it, but you better believe that this Vegan Nutella Ice Cream will be the reason I make it this week.  Here’s the original Vegan Nutella  recipe as well.  Surprise! You’ll need it to make the “ice cream”.  And even if you don’t care about making your own Nutella for vegan’s sake, make it because it’s better for you than the kind in the jar where the #1 & 2 ingredients are sugar and modified palm oil.  I don’t eat modified food unless I’m the one doing the modifying, thank you very much!

Thanks for reading!!!

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